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Our Hotels´Promise

Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul.

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Safragell Suites

Our Suites Collection.

Where less is more

Experience a world of unrivaled serenity, at our hotel the boundaries between indoor indulgence and outdoor splendor blur seamlessly. Unwind in the lap of confort, as you step into your very own small private villa, we call them Suites, an enclave of indulgence and seclusion.  

Spa & Wellness

Our Spa and Gym
are great spaces to rejuvenate.

Our Spa is designed as a private relaxing space.

It offers thermal circuits and is equipped with a sauna, Turkish bath, Hammam, sensorial showers, heated pool with lumbar jets, waterfalls, hydro-massage, cold well, and thermal beds indoors and outdoors.

Enjoy our special experiences and wellness packs. A wide range of professional and exclusive services can be booked.

Our spa is adjacent to a fully equipped gym and outdoor spa area.

Take time for yourself. You will without a doubt feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

The Restaurant

Our Menu blends Mediterranean cuisine and world flavors.

Safragell is also the ideal place to enjoy the highest quality, mostly locally sourced, gastronomy.

Discover our restaurant where we propose a menu with a variety of gastronomic options that you can enjoy in a special setting, where you can taste the best of our cuisine or simply have a cocktail.

Our restaurant has an interior area and an exterior terrace, where you can enjoy all year round.

A relaxed atmosphere, designed exclusively for wellbeing.  Undoubtedly, the heart of the hotel and a pleasant meeting point for both visitors and residents.

Outdoor and Pool Deck

Our Pool Deck and vast outdoor areas highlight the soul of or hotel.

Experience a retreat like no other, where vast natural spaces and unmatched comfort harmoniously come together to create an unforgettable journey. Discover the perfect blend of relaxation,  and let nature embrace  you at our hotel – a haven that celebrates the art of living well.

Art & Music

Our weather-proof pergola overviews the valley and is scenario to enjoy cultural events.

Dine, dance, and be captivated by the arts – a perfect blend of sensory delights awaits you at our hotel. 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or seeking a romantic evening, our candlelight dinners, live music, and arts offerings promise an unforgettable experience that will linger in your heart long after you depart.

Discover the true essence of Ibiza, passion, and creativity have a home in our hotel. 

Every moment is a symphony of indulgence and enchantment.

Our Hotel

Feel special. Feel relaxed.

  • Restaurant serving seasonal Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • Salt water, treated natural pool. 
  • A weather-proof outdoor Dining Area.
  • Indoor Dining Area.
  • Spa & Gym. 
  • Cocktail Bar.
  • Panoramic Sea and Mountain view 
  • Pool and Deck Area.
  • Natural and spacious surroundings. 
  • Reading and Resting Outdoor Areas.
  • Friendly Staff.