Live Jazz: Muriel Grossmann & Quartet

Saturday 9th of September 2023

Muriel Grossmann & Quartet.

Jazz Point Festival Ibiza 2023.

Austrian alto, soprano, tenor saxophonist and composer Muriel Grossmann was born in Paris and grew up in Vienna, where she initiated classical studies of flute at the age of five until twenty-one, when she switched to alto and soprano saxophone and started playing and touring with various rhythm & blues, funk, world music and jazz groups and artists such as Hans Tschiritsch, Shani Ben Canar, Christoph Kurzmann, Geri Schuller, Pete Hoven, Robert Rehak, The Original Brothers.

In 2002 she moved to Barcelona where she started to lead her own bands for recordings and concerts. Muriel Grossmann is resident in Ibiza since 2004, which marks a very fruitful recording and performing period.

Muriel Grossmann played and recorded with Joachim Kuehn, Wolfgang Reisinger, Rolf Kuehn, Martin Klingeberg, Thomas Heidepriem, Mark Vinci, Molly Duncan, Joe Sanders, Alice Zawadzki, Alina Bzhezhinska, Toni Kofi, Christian Lillinger, Johannes Fink, Robert Landfermann, Esteve Pi, Abel Boquera, Elias Meiri and Muriel Grossmann Barcelona Quartet featuring Radomir Milokovic on guitar, David Marroquin on upright and Marko Jelaca on drums, recording and performing original compositions.

Grossmann played in Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Greece, England, Morocco, South Africa, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Estonia, Denmark performing over 150 concerts a year.

2011–2014 Muriel Grossmann was performing and recording with quartet featuring Radomir Milojkovic (Belgrade) on guitar, Robert Landfermann (Cologne) on upright bass and Christian Lillinger (Berlin) on drums.

Since 2014 she is working with Radomir Milojkovic (Belgrade) on guitar, Gina Schwarz (Vienna) on double bass and Uros Stamenkovic (Belgrade) on drums.
In 2018  Llorenç Barcelo  (Mallorca) on hammond joined her group. He has been touring with the Muriel Grossmann Quartet till 2022, recording Hammond B3 on the albums Reverence, Quiet Earth, Union, and Universal Code.
Since 2022 Abel Boquera (Barcelona) has been playing Hammond B3 in the Muriel Grossmann Quartet.